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Breast Lift

Breast Lift

If you’re considering a breast lift

A breast lift, technically known as mastopexy, is a surgical procedure to raise and reshape breast tissue: and to relocate the nipple to a higher location.  Mastopexy can also reduce the size of the areola, the darker skin surrounding the nipple. A breast lift does not increase superior fullness of the breasts or increase cleavage. A breast augmentation may be indicated if those are your goals. Also, if breasts are small or have lost volume – for example, after pregnancy – a breast augmentation procedure may be performed in conjunction with the mastopexy procedure to increase breast firmness and size.

Are you a candidate for a breast lift?

The best candidates for a breast lift are women who are in good health and are looking to improve the shape of their breasts, relocate the nipple or remove extra skin. One of the trade offs for this procedure is the resultant scars. These can be placed around the nipple only (donut), around the nipple and vertical to the fold of the breast (lollipop incision), or around the nipple, vertical and along the breast fold (anchor). The type of incision is dependent on your anatomy and can be better defined after consultation with Dr Hosn.

Planning your consultation

In your initial consultation, Dr. Hosn will spend the time you need to define your goals, perform a complete examination and make recommendations pertaining to possible surgical procedures that may benefit you. Our office is committed to educate you on the procedure and the risks, benefits, and alternatives. The typical patient will meet with Dr. Hosn three times before each major medical procedure in an effort to achieve a beautiful result performed as safely as possible. This is especially important for breast surgery to help define your expectations of your desired breast size and shape.

Procedure Raise and reshape sagging breasts by removing excess skin and repositioning remaining tissue and nipples
Surgical Time 1.5 to 3 hours
Anesthetic Type General
Surgical Facility Typically performed in an accredited outpatient surgical center
Recovery Back to work: 2 weeks. Light exercise: 3 weeks. Full activity: 6 weeks or more. Final results: 12 months.

Procedure, recovery and results will vary from patient to patient.